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Competency and Consistency
Why, use Detective Services?
Why, use Detective Services?

"...I would like to thank your department for assistance rendered in locating a victim...Please convey my congratulations to Investigator Thomas Tomka who located (the witness)..."

Frank M. Loo
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Honolulu County HI, 1985

"Recently I was assigned a murder case which could not even be plea bargained for a 245 P.C. (Battery), so feeble was the evidence, so riddled was the investigation with police neglect and mistakes (The detective who had been assigned to the case did nothing for 14 months and has been fired). Thanks to the tremendous efforts and alert intelligence of Investigator Thomas Tomka, we managed to breathe life back into the case and get a conviction for murder, removing a very dangerous man from society...his bearing was exemplary professional and his documentation equally so..."

Joseph N. Sorrentino
Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County, 1985

"...Our office had lost contact with this witness and the only information we had as to her whereabouts was that she might be with her mother in Southern California....Investigator Tomka was able to locate my witness and serve her. Further, he saw to it that the witness contacted me and as a result we how have her full cooperations...Investigator Tomka's prompt and conscientious attention to this matter has assisted this office immeasurably and as a result, I am in a much improved position to obtain a first degree murder conviction in this case..."

John J,. Meehan
Deputy District Attorney, Alameda County, 1987

"I want to express my gratitude for the help of Thomas locating a critical witness/victim in a felony Vehicle Manslaughter and Driving while Under the Influence with Injury case...Mr. Tomka followed through different channels and located the witness living in Las Vegas...without Mr. Tomka's help we would be unable to proceed with the prosecution..."

Robin Barbatoe
Deputy District Attorney, San Bernardino County, 1987

"...I count on him to do whatever needed to be done in order for me to litigate as effectively as possible in court. His contribution...was significant..."

Rebecca Noblin
Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County, 1995

"...Tom made an immediate, aggressive and comprehensive investigation required to obtain the essential factual basis to support our position. Tom quickly developed a positive rapport with everyone he interviewed and obtained each one's cooperation and assistance. In addition, Tom's persistence and seasoned interviewing skills coaxed as much information as was possible from the jailhouse informant himself..."

Imogene Katayama
Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County, 1997

"...Tomka uses tools most people and I mean DA's and investigators included, don't even know exists."

Anna Phillips
Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County, 1998

"While still carrying all his assigned cases....Investigator Tomka was assigned the case over six months after the theft...The theft involved a complicated steal the LSAT. After meticulous and a tedious investigation, Investigator Tomka used his experience to track down witnesses and evidence. Many times the evidence needed had already been destroyed, but to the passage of time, but Investigator Tomka found other ways to obtain vital information..."

Loni Petersen,
Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County, 1998

"Although a bystander had noted the license plate number of the suspect vehicle, the car was not owned by the defendant and its registration information was no longer in the DMV computer system. Fortunately, Tom...obtained evidence, which revealed that the defendant's girlfriend had owned the car and that fours days before the murder the defendant, while using an alias (this defendant had obtained three separate identification cards, under three different names)..had received a ticket while driving the cars., which provided a crucial link...Tom prepared a map and timeline regarding the activities of the defendant before and after the murder...Great work."

Steven E. Ipson
Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County, 1998

"...Winning the Jemison Award for Distinguished Public Service is an honor that places you for all time in the company of men and women who have excelled in this office..."

Gil Garcetti
Los Angeles County District Attorney, 1999

"The first thing the opposition notices about Investigator Tomka is his intelligence, honesty, and thoroughness...In my thirty five years as a criminal (defense) attorney, and having worked over a hundred homicides, I can say Tomka is the best investigator I have ever seen. He embodies all the principals of the profession and should be held up as an example for others to a defense attorney, Tomka is my worst nightmare, yet I can’t help but respect and trust him...Tomka’s word is above reproach...he is like a pitbull...very formidable adversary, because he is so comprehensive and economical with his time...”

Paul Fitzgerald, Esq.
Defense Attorney, 1999

"Senior Investigator Tomka has recently filed a complaint charging...77 counts each of grand theft, conspiracy to commit grand theft, tax evasion, perjury, and obtaining contributions by false pretenses...all this in 60 to 80 days and is to be commended for his tenacious, focused and meticulous investigation. The pace and demands of this investigation could not have been performed without such a dedicated, seasoned and knowledgeable investigator..."

Lt. Tim Coomes
Bureau of Investigation, LADA, 2000

"...Your hard work and dedication to this project substantially contributed to the successful completion of this investigation and the findings...Thank you for your commendable effort and commitment to this worthwhile endeavor."

Steve Cooley
Los Angeles County District Attorney, 2003

"...Your involvement changed the entire course of the negotiations (criminal case)..."

Ana Maria Lopez
Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County, 2004

"I am a 46 year veteran of the criminal justice system, I spent 31 years in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office and was the Special Assistant District Attorney and head of the Belmont Task Force...Thomas Tomka has been recognized throughout his career as an outstanding investigator and leader...(his) ability, ethics, experience, knowledge, and maturity are exceptional..."

Anthony Patchett, Esq.
Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney &
Special Prosecutor, 2006

"Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge & experience with us. Your reply was very informative and exactly what I was looking for. You hit the nail on the head..."

Claude Ammons - QM
Alpha & Omega Foundation Enterprises
Corinthian Group, 2007

"I was facing a year in the county jail, over $1.5 million in fines and penalty assessments and over $25,000 in investigative costs...(your) investigation exonerated my company and me of the serious charges...thanks a lot for the investigation...we are very pleased for...what you did."

Alexander "O" 2007

"Thank you...through this traumatic situations, providing me investigative services above and beyond standard operating procedures..I have much confidence in your case making skills..."


"Thank you so much for your diligence, professionalism and effort in helping me solve my legal dilemmia. I would highly recommend you, becuase of the above plus your honesty. Thank You."


Ron C.